Nu-Med Plus

Reimagining the digital presence of a life changing medical device.

@ Wildern


  • Wireframes
  • Web Design
  • Product Styling Art Direction
  • Illustration
  • Animation

Software Used

  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Invision
  • eDrawings

Project Timeline

  • 4 months


Builders of next generation medical devices, Nu-Med Plus engineers, patented technology to safely deliver precision doses of nitric oxide. Looking to attract investors, Nu-Med Plus asked to Wildern to provide a new website and digital presence.


To convey to investors the value of Nu-Med Plus we wanted to break down a complicated narrative into something digestible and captivating. We heavily utilized SVG animations, product styling, and content strategy to bring the Nu-Med Plus story to life. As the designer on this project, I worked very closely with the developer to create an immersive brand experience. Additionally, I established a visual direction through creating a styleboard, sourcing photography, creating wireframes, visual designs, illustrations, animations, presentation collateral, and defining product styling.

Solution Educating

Communicating how nitric oxide works within the body was important to building a strong value proposition for Nu-Med Plus’s products. We created animated illustrations to give investors an easy entry point to understanding nitric oxide.

Step 1
Patented Nu-Med Plus technology releases precision amounts of nitric oxide into a patient's lungs
Step 2
The nitric oxide dosage is calibrated for each patient and relaxes blood vessels
Step 3
Increased oxygen flows to cells, damaged tissue, and destroys viruses infecting cells
Step 4
Newly oxygenated cells increase the rate of healing

Solution Story Telling

In addition to explaining the microscopic medical aspect of the product, we needed to demonstrate the global use cases of the various products Nu-Med Plus offers. We created two different modules on the site to call out Nu-Med’s uses in an issue and solution dialogue. One module focuses on three humanizing stories that highlight the value added by Med Plus’s products. The second module lists various diseases that can be treated with nitric oxide, the number of people affected each year by said diseases and what Nu-Med products can do to provide relief. Both modules build a strong and succinct case for Nu-Med Plus’s uses, benefits and markets.

Nitric Oxcide
Nitric Oxcide

Solution Product Visualization

Our priorities included conveying the high tech nature of the product. Art direction of the product shots played a large role in achieving this goal. We outlined lighting and product angles that showcased the innovative and versatile designs of Nu-Med Plus’s products and how they are revolutionizing the industry. Additionally, we highlighted the technical schematics of the products as a design element to further convey their specialized nature.

Nitric Oxcide
Nitric Oxcide
Nitric Oxcide
Nitric Oxcide
Nitric Oxcide