3.14 DC

Data & design driven digital branding solutions for food hall consulting.

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  • Wireframing
  • Brand Direction
  • Web Design
  • Animation
  • Asset Creation

Software Used

  • Sketch
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Invision
  • After Effects

Project Timeline

  • 3 months


3.14 DC specializes in food hall and retail consulting, design management, and concept development. They are experts in the entire process from researching location specific and global market trends in food and customer service to designing interiors and wayfinding. They know the standards for building spaces, especially for the food industry. Additionally, they are exceptional in organizing multi-concept food and retail halls, detailing specific front of house and back of house restaurant/retail flows.


It was vital to convey the breadth of 3.14 DC’s expertise in a way that was thorough, engaging and digestible for prospective clients. In an industry with generic digital experiences, 3.14 DC needed to stand out as a bold and innovative leader in the field that has a unique perspective. As the designer on this project, I was responsible for crafting the visual brand of 3.14 DC, developing a styleboard, defining illustration styles and typography. I created wireframes, visual designs, custom illustrations and animations, and digital marketing materials as well as worked closely with the developer to ensure all aspects of the brand were translated to the website.

Solution A Bold Brand

To convey 3.14 DC’s particular perspective we used bright colors, bold typography and unique link conventions. We incorporated a grid element to give the feel of 3d space, architectural drawings and graph paper. High contrast color combinations and a prominent use of black gives the site a feeling of weight and presence.

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Solution Demonstration through Animation

We decided to create a series of animations that detailed all of 3.14 DC’s specialties and services. Each animation portrayed a different aspect of 3.14’s offerings in a concise way using abstract blocks and simplistic icons. The animations clearly convey what they do, and allow the clients to envision their project with 3.14 DC at any point in the process.

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Solution Digital Marketing

To maximize the effectiveness of the content we created and gave 3.14 DC a toolkit for all their digital marketing needs. We took elements from the site and formatted them for different social media platforms, including instagram, twitter and email. We highlighted partners, testimonials, brand values, expertise animations as well as extracted brand elements like the icons and tag lines to be used by themselves.

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Solution Story Telling

In addition to explaining the microscopic medical aspect of the product, we needed to demonstrate the global use cases of the various products Nu-Med Plus offers. We created two different modules on the site to call out Nu-Med’s uses in an issue and solution dialogue. One module focused on three humanizing stories that focused on Nu-Med Plus’s producs value add. The second module listed various diseases that can be treated with nitric oxide, the number of people affected each year and what Nu-Med products can do to provide relief. Both modules build a strong and succinct case for Nu-Med Plus’s uses, benefits and markets.

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